That which is haunting you is a terribly heavy weight to be bearing on your own.

Trauma is a very overused word today. Most people use the word in a fairly accurate way to mean something that has had an effect on you, but there are certainly things that affect us that do not create trauma, but rather anxiety. Trauma goes a step beyond anxiety. A person who has sustained trauma may find themselves re-experiencing moments or words, or they may find that relationships with similarities to the original insult trigger some uncontrollable reaction in them. Typical reactions are in the realms of fight, flight or freeze. Whatever has affects one’s ability to work, to have relationships with others, or even to function on your own. That is a terribly heavy weight to be bearing alone, and sadly, the very experience of it might push away the very connections and relationships that are so needed. I offer you a space to process these memories and feelings, a place of compassion and understanding. My desire and belief, through this relational work between the two of us, is that these painful moments can be turned around and used towards a greater fullness of connection with yourself and others, a more fulfilled life.