Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

Who's Caleb?


I spent most of my early life moving around, from Houston, to Chicago, to rural Kentucky. A middle child of five in a family of engineers, I felt quite out of place and very curious about the deeper things in life. I went to college on a track and field scholarship at a small liberal arts school in the middle-of-nowhere Kentucky. I quickly switched my studies from sports science to social work when I realized that I love and come alive more fully when I am talking about life with others. In graduating from college with a degree in social work I bought a Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon and moved out west to work with kids in numerous settings for quite a few years, and later to begin my Masters in Counseling from Liberty University.

About three quarters of my way through my masters I began to realize that my studies did not get at what I believe to be the core of life: the beauty, struggle, pain and loneliness, paradoxes, and feelings. I put my technical studies aside and began another degree in Theology and Culture with an emphasis in the Fine Arts at The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, a small boutique psychoanalytic school here in Seattle. It was in this place that I was able to explore the human condition through theological, psychological, and philosophical studies, while also beginning to struggle with and, through self-work, incorporate this deeper worldview into my own understanding of life and being.

All of my studies have been an opportunity to wrestle in new ways with who I understand myself to be, the story or baggage that I bring along in life, and the new ideas and interactions we are continually exposed to on a daily basis. This work of counseling is one that I have arrived at through my own self-work that I am still doing on a weekly basis. I consider myself one who is still journeying toward making sense of life and all its complexities. As human beings we are in a perpetual state of becoming. I have found it at times to be immensely painful, but even within this is a timeless truth that the beauty we so seek in life is born from the dross or bog of life. The life we so seek is found within and through the suffering feel. I have given everything to this work, and gained far more. All this to say that I truly believe in talk-therapy.

My main theoretical interest lies in the blending of Existential Analysis, Humanistic Psychology and Relational Psychotherapy. Rollo May, Eugene Gendlin, and Alfred Langle are psychotherapists, and their writings and practice are an excellent example of how work I with folks. I approach every person with the basic idea that within a caring environment we all begin to unfurl and heal, as we begin to grapple with what life asks of us and the meaning we make. This process does not happen overnight, and the best changes happen slowly.

I hope for each client I work with that they grow to have a deeper sense of meaning, authenticity, and connection in life. I offer an accepting and comfortable space in Fremont to process your feelings and to begin moving toward a meaning filled and grounded life.


I have experience working with
these issues:

Fear of abandonment
Difficulties within relationship
Creativity / Artists
Low self-esteem
Everyday stress
Personality Disorders
Dependency / co-dependency
Learning difficulties
Performance issues / athletes


  • Cumberland College, 2008, B.A. in Social Work, Minors in Religion and Sports Science

  • Liberty University, 2016, M.A. in Professional Counseling

  • The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology, 2016, M.A. in Theology and Culture, Emphasis in Theology, Creativity, and Art

  • Saybrook University, 2018-2022, Ph.D in Psychology, Emphasis in Existential-Humanistic Psychology (EHP)

  • Center for Existential Analysis and Logotherapy, 2017- 2022, Existential Analyst Candidate

  • Level-1 Crossfit Trainer, 2019

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200hr), 2013

Professional Membership

This is me . . someone who has a story just like you do. Filled with anxiety about what's next, grief about what once was, and a shaking courage to enter it all.

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