Not just for couples, we are all in relationships. We are all created with a deep need and desire for connection with others.

To a great extent the type of psychotherapy that I offer is all about relationships. Within trauma, anxiety, depression, and loneliness lies the relational dynamics that create what you’re seeking counseling. Perhaps you’re single, and find yourself out of rhythm with yourself. Perhaps things never seem to work out in life, whether that be a job or finding a life partner. We are created for relationships, yet the nature of the dynamic between ourselves and others is often a product of our past and the philosophies we hold about life, ourselves, and others. It is my hope that we can begin to get an understanding of what has made you, you, and in the process, start to teach you how to build a compassionate and supportive arm around yourself and start uncovering within you a sense of fulfillment and creativity towards life, work, relationships, and mental health.